Purpose of establishment

Contributing to domestic and overseas academic research and international exchange by developing human resources related to advanced information technology such as artificial intelligence, intelligent software, and system methodologies, expanding the human resources network to the world, and improving the qualities of all academic researchers in this field. The purpose is to do.

Intelligent-SOftware MEthodologies Tools and Technologies Research Center

This conceptual framework of this Incorporated Association research center is initially established in 2002 when the founder was visiting professor at the University of Paris-1 Sorbonne. The vision required to establish new mythologies and tools with robust development was the main concerns, which was shared by many world leader in dynamic software systems with flexible updating or change to software operational environment. Then after long almost 10 years of work reflected in organizing international conferences and research outcome frosted in many projects which flourished these concepts, a new innovative concepts of employing Artificial intelligence in Software science becomes an essential part in coring such innovation. i-SOMET Inc. is carrying on this mission crystalized in international research communities though consultation projects and international conferences on multi-disciplinary Applied Intelligence in software development for high quality robust secure software system that fulfill the needs of national and international communities requirement. The i-somet has structure of different members inherited from the computer science research communities from international conference participation, academic societies, and practitioners. i-SOMET has also advisory board members from world experts leader in artificial intelligence and software systems fields contributing to provide their experience as academic researchers , practitioners and managers for leveraging their activities for the best practices of i-somet mission.

  • Establishing high quality research consultation
  • organizing i-somet related conferences
  • Publishing high quality research findings for i-somet mission
  • Contributing in worldwide academic and advanced research centers for fostering i-somet academic topics in Computer Science, as editors’ reviewers and authors.
  • Wok closely with industry to initiate better ideas and concept for development as Entrepreneurs.

i-somet, Inc president (chairman) 
Hamido Fujita


Representative Director





Shintaro FUJITA





Advisory Board