The SOMET (Intelligent Software Methodology Tools, and Techniques) conferences series was initiated in 2002 in Paris and for 20 years it has done great efforts to demonstrate the role of software technologies in innovation to capture the essence of a new state-of-the-art in software science and its supporting technology, and to identify the challenges that such a technology would have to master. This conference has brought together researchers and practitioners to share their original research results and practical development experience in software science and related new technologies.

SoMeT 2002 Sorubonne, France.
SoMeT 2003 Stockholm, Sweden.
SoMeT 2004 Leipzig, Germany.
SoMeT 2005 Tokyo, Japan.
SoMeT 2006 Quebec, Canada.
SoMeT 2007 Rome, Italy.
SoMeT 2008 Sharjah, UAE.
SoMeT 2009 Prague, Czech Republic.
SoMeT 2010 Yokohama, Japan
SoMeT 2011 St.Petersburg, Russia
SoMeT 2012, Genoa, Italy
SoMeT 2013 Budapest, Hungary
SoMeT 2014 Malaysia
SoMeT 2015 Naples, Italy
SoMeT 2016, Larnaca, Cyprus
SoMeT 2017 KitaKyushu, Japan
SoMeT 2018 Granada, Spain
SoMeT2019, Sarawak, Malaysia
SoMeT 2020 Kitakyushu, Japan
SoMeT 2021 Cancun, Mexico
SoMeT 2022 Kitakyushu, Japan

International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Other Applications of Applied Intelligence Systems(IEA/AIE)

IEA/AIE is a series established 30 years ago by Prof. Moonis Ali (Texas State University) from the year 2020, Chairman Hamido Fujita, becomes responsible on these series as General Chair.

IEA/AIE 2020

Kitakyushu, Japan

IEA/AIE 2021

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia